Surfside and Cullendulla Boardwalk

Sunday 31 January 2016

Photos by Mary M and Karen M

After a splendid show of lightning as well as heavy rain during the night, we faced the morning with some trepidation, but it turned out to be a beautiful day for our first walk of the year.  Eighteen walkers set out bright and early from the bridge, walking along the beach towards Surfside.  At one stage we were faced with an unusual sight.  We usually crossed a small shallow stream flowing out to the Bay, but this had been replaced by a swiftly flowing, wide channel of water, no doubt carved out by the heavy rain the night before.  A quick detour via the road and we were back on track.  Following round the rocks and along Surfside beach we reached the track for Cullendulla Creek.  Here, water on the foliage of the casuarinas, which were dripping from the rain the night before, glistened like diamonds in the morning sun.

Reaching the beach, we walked along and took the Mangrove Loop track leading to the boardwalk beside the creek, which was very peaceful.  Back on the beach where the tide was out, the large sand banks were exposed and black cockatoos screeched in the distance, breaking the silence.  Heading back along the beach to Surfside, inquisitive wallabies peered at us through the trees but eventually they took fright and bounded away.  Throughout this part of the walk we had great views of the bay, river, forest, town or out to sea.

Leaving the beach we walked along the road, headed for the soccer oval, getting our feet wet along the way where the creek continued running swiftly, this time over the path.  Passing the school, we reached the highway and later turned into Lincoln Crescent to look at the Bottle Tree, an unusual sight in Batemans Bay.  Then on to Peninsular Drive to the roundabout and back along Wharf Road to the park.

We finished the walk with brunch, a bacon and egg roll cooked by our chefs for the day, Alex and Bob B, a nice way to finish our walk.