Surfside to bridge walk into the Bay

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Photos courtesy of Joan and Lesley

A perfect sunny day gave 17 bushwalkers a feeling of anticipation at beginning this first walk by the club over the new Batemans Bay bridge.  Before starting the walk the leader gave a brief summary of a few facts about the bridge, namely the length being 307m,  the height allowance for boating of 12m and the budgeted cost of $274m.  In order to arrive at the bridge the walkers were led from the car park to the Surfside roundabout, up and on the footpath around to the caravan park, then followed the directions up to the start of the bridge walk while inquiring from bridge employees as to the reason for a very large hole being excavated – answer was that it will be sediment collection pit.

Once on the bridge all walkers changed into strollers while discovering various sights and work in progress to absorb and photograph.  This was also an excellent opportunity to view the demolition of the old bridge as well.  Once over the bridge the walk was led to the foreshore coffee precinct and then to the walk conclusion at seating on the end of the longest pier out over the water where the ferry to Nelligen was admired making its way under the new bridge.  The return to the Surfside car park was the ending to an enjoyable memorable historic walk by club members.