Tarourga Gorge

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Photos by Amanda and Denise

Six lucky walkers followed Bob on his 6 km walk to Tarourga Gorge and back. It was hard to begrudge Mother Nature the little bit of rain that fell, as the air smelt fresher and cleaner after the sprinkle.

The scenery once again reminded us of how lucky we are to live in the Eurobodalla. Tall spotted gums and iron barks and large granite boulders along the sides of the gullies leading down to the  Tarourga Creek bed.  There, the rocks were covered with moss, lichen and sometimes rock orchids that were flowering just out of the reach of hungry wildlife.  Walkers could see the “nibble line” where stretched necks could only eat leaves down to a certain level.

The rocks created some fantastic shapes as tree roots spilled out over them to gain a hold that kept them vertical.  It was almost giant bonsai.  The rewards of any physical effort in accessing the gorge were repaid in full on this truly scenic walk. The group were back to the cars by lunch time just as a second sprinkle started.

Thank you Bob for a great morning out.