The Lost World and Hidden Garden

Sunday 5 November 2017

Photos by Denise, Mary T and Paul

On Sunday 5th November 17 Batemans Bay bushwalkers tackled a remote forest area close to Conjola.  First of all we were treated to a smorgasbord of giant Birdnest ferns sitting on top of magnificent sandstone boulders. Exploring further into the dense forest one could truly believe you were in a lost world as we gazed in awe at gigantic figs reaching into the sky with age old roots cascading down their huge rock pedestals.

The wonder continued as we passed through  another forest of twisted and tangled vines eventually leading into a secret hanging garden of Birdnest ferns clinging to a solid cliff face.

On the return journey a very cleverly disguised detour was to reveal yet another forest of cabbage tree palms which included some magnificent specimens.

All in all a very spectacular walk which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.