The Secret Door

Thursday 15 November 2018

Photos by Helen and Philip

From the start point, and with the imminent possibility of rain, our group of nine walked a short distance along Mt Agony Road before turning off and passing through “The Secret Door” (the beginning of an unused and very overgrown CPT road). After passing through the initial overgrown section we emerged onto a more defined track, which lead us to the aptly named Spotted Gum Road.

The rain that threatened at the beginning of the walk was now forgotten as we followed Spotted Gum Road for some distance and then turned onto an intersecting fire trail. The leaf littered trail meandered through the tall spotted gum forest for several kilometres, affording us beautiful views of green gullies with their large variety of understorey vegetation. We could hear the call of lyrebirds and some were lucky enough to glimpse one now and then.

At the end of the fire trail we came again to Mt Agony Road, which we crossed and continued on to another fairly short CPT road. This road ended at a clearing where we commenced a more challenging, untracked section that lead us down to an area of rocky outcrops adorned with moss and orchids. Unfortunately the rock orchids were not flowering, however a few orchids on old stumps and overhanging branches were in flower. We stopped at this lovely, tranquil location for lunch.

After lunch we carried on down the slope into a densely vegetated gully, crossed the dry creek bed and climbed up the other side to intersect with the Discovery Walking Trail. We followed part of the Discovery Trail to its junction with the Durras Lake Walking Trail. Turning on to Durras Lake Trail we followed it along the lake shore, stopping at one point to admire a pair of Glossy Black-Cockatoos, and finally emerging at the start point of the walk.

Everyone in the group agreed that this 16 km ‘loop’ walk in the Murramarang National Park was an enjoyable and diverse walking experience.