To Paradise and Back

Sunday 14 May 2017

Photos by Mary T

Although we perceive Paradise to be “up there”, our leaders started the walk from the top and led us down, to the well-named Paradise Creek. This was an unusual move, but quite welcome, as we warmed up gently and then found a pleasant spot for a cuppa, overlooking part of the grazing property to the west. Various mountains in the distance had us vying to identify them as we moved on, glad that we hadn’t aimed to ascend them.

The old track led us down to the pretty valley, where we strolled beside the creek and then stopped for lunch, seated on a granite reef in the middle of the creek, with the pleasant burble of a small cascade for company. The circuit was completed by ascending an old track which wound up a gentle slope and took us finally back to the cars on top of the ridge. That’s the nearest I’m likely to get to Paradise.

Bob T