Tomakin Circuit

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Photos by Ainslie

Bev, undaunted by the gathering of 30 walkers, led a circuit of Tomakin. We started with the lookout at Melville point, where several others were enjoying the view, including the local mullet fishermen, waiting for the big “bully” mullet to run out of the river to spawn on the beaches.

Following the shoreline, we walked along “racecourse” beach, so called as it was used in the past for horse races, as the sand is flat and hard at low tide.  On reaching the estuary, we then walked around the big sand spit and up to the ramp.  Although the remains of the wharf have now been removed, in the past, coastal freighters docked here, taking on freight and passengers.  Due to runoff from land clearing and dirt roads, the estuary is now so shallow that this is impossible, but in earlier times is was deep enough for small coastal ships to navigate.

After morning tea in Jack Buckley Park, we resumed our circuit, returning via the new housing estate near Barlings Beach.