Tuross Coastal Walk and BBQ Lunch

The final BBBW walk of the year was on Thursday 28 November at Tuross Head.  Walkers started their 5.5 km stroll at Nelson Parade Boardwalk overlooking Tuross Lake where the view never ceases to delight.

Photos supplied by Bob

The Tuross shared path wends its way to the mouth of the lake at One Tree Point, and walkers descended to the sand to follow the coves to the Memorial Gardens.  The tide was receding and had left lines of black and burned leaves and ash from the Currowan bushfire burning to the north.  The Memorial Gardens is a good place to take a break in the shade of the Norfolk Island pines before continuing to Coila Bar Beach, Coila Lake and eventually Kyla Park which was the end of the excursion.

Members enjoyed lunch at the shaded bbq picnic area by the lake before saying goodbye for the year.