Two Granite Knolls and a Standing Stone

Sunday 11 September 2016

Photos by Helen and Karen M

One dozen Batemans Bay Bushwalkers completed a 5 km circuit walk in the Mogo State Forest north west of Mt Pollwombera.

As the walk name suggests, the circuit took in the interesting rock formations and westerly views from 2 granite topped hills. Although the walk leader was aware some of the granite boulders had rock orchids growing on them, he was not aware they would be in flower. So the walk catered for all interests; biological and geological.

While descending the second granite topped hill, one walker got a poke in the leg from a wayward stick that required a little first aid – a No 4 field dressing being put to good use. (Reminder to all walkers, long pants and/or gaiters are a good idea on any off track walks!)

The final point of interest was the standing stone. This is a 5 m high, roughly rectangular block of granite standing by itself a few metres off a fire trail. Today the standing stone was putting on a good show, with its head covered in a mass of rock orchids in full bloom.