Upper Coila Creek Catchment

Saturday 1 October 2016

Photos by Mary, Donna, Karen M

Rob led the weekend club walk to the Upper Coila Creek Catchment. 18 members drove south to the Western Boundary Road to energetically walk forest roads and bike tracks, the latter obviously not used in recent times. We descended fairly steep tracks to creek beds where good-sized pools were fed by sparkling water gently moving over the rocks. The forest rang to the call of birds as we passed huge fallen trees covered in soft green moss. We disturbed a sleeping black snake that slithered back into the undergrowth.

What goes down has to go up and the tracks in the Coila are no exception! Half the group opted to take the last 1.5 kms back to the cars via the high road while our leader continued on with the willing to the end via two more creek crossings.

Thank you Rob for finding an extension to an existing club walk in a lovely part of our shire.