Warden Head Heathland Walk

Saturday 29 August 2020

Photos courtesy of Ainslie and Lesley

Karen led sixteen members of Batemans Bay Bushwalkers, including two new members, on an Easy Grade 6 kms walk around Warden Head at Ulladulla. I was asked if I had led this walk with husband Mike previously as we had led a three headland walk from north of Ulladulla to here, but we had not actually followed the track closely around the headland.

Karen had promised lots of stops, and all of them were worth while, as they offered marvellous coastal views of beaches, the extensive rock platform around the whole Headland, many more headlands, and distant views towards Bawley Point and Pigeon House poking up in the distance.

We stopped at the Ulladulla Light Beacon, a fine old white lighthouse. Some of us had lunch at South Pacific Heathland Reserve, and we were delighted to see the masses of Flannel Flowers just coming out in flower. This headland is the best place to see the Sydney Sandstone spring wildflowers, especially now that the recent bushfires have burnt out Little Forest Plateau where we usually go to see the masses of Boronia.