Big Rock Road Circuit

Sunday 15 July 2018

Photos by Denise, Helen and Mary

Ten brave souls were up for the challenge of joining Donna on her inaugural walk as leader.  After being implored not to tread on sleeping snakes or break bones, the group set off on Big Rock Road Circuit.

Surprisingly Big Rock Road Circuit is so named because there is a big rock on the walk.  It is a new walk located in the Bodalla State Forest. Other than the ‘Big Rock’ the walk leader could not offer any whales or expansive vistas of the coastline, primarily due to the fact that the walk was inland. However, participants were advised of the possibly of sighting a Yowie riding a unicycle.  Unfortunately these creatures are very shy, particularly whist riding unicycles, so none were spotted on this occasion.  However, a couple of horse riders leading another horse were met on the track.  Following a Mexican standoff with neither party willing to give ground a solution to the impasse was reached and we all walked past each other.

Upon completion of the walk, the walk leader was ecstatic to discover that we returned with the same amount of walkers as when we left!  So that’s one down and 165 walks to catch up with ‘Queen of the Bush’ Val.  Thanks to Karen, Mary and Karen for exploring the walk, attending the reccie and assisting me on the day.