Black Diamond Mine Currowan

Saturday 14 October 2017

Photos by Erica, Philip and Mary

On October 14, nine Batemans Bay Bushwalkers traversed across a range of bushland – damp forested gullies and dry stony tracks – towards the Black Diamond Mine in the Currowan Forest.

It was found to be a very well preserved mine adit, but only a few of the group ventured into the muddy tunnel.

The mine was worked between 1890 and ’91; 1894 – ’95; and 1912 – ’15, but unfortunately no records are available on the workings, the miners, or the production.

There were other diggings and big holes in the area including a lonely rock chimney from a long gone building.

There had been a bushfire in the mine’s area not that long ago which left a stark scene and some spotted gum trees with very colourful orange-red bases, but as yet no regrowth on the ground.

All agreed it had been a very interesting day’s walk.

Pat R