Brou Easy Walk

Saturday 10 October 2020

Photos courtesy of Donna and Karen

Perfect Spring weather with a breath of breeze brought 13 of our members out to enjoy a morning walk in the Brou Lake camping area.  The group set off from the carpark in the direction of the lake and it wasn’t long before wildflowers were being admired in the bush. It seemed to be the time of year that Lomandra bloom and a smaller species as well as the usual larger plant were both prevalent amongst the other flowers.

On the shores of Brou Lake, a mixed flock of predominantly Pied Oystercatchers with a few Sooty making up the 15 birds seen, Walkers were surprised with the number, considering that the species is listed as endangered. Pelican & swans were also admired.

Our morning tea was enjoyed right next to the beach before walking the remainder of the 5.5 kilometre circuit mostly with the  ocean in view and prolific flowerings of Scaevola, shrubby hibbertia, xanthorrhoea and other species unable to be named correctly by those present.

The walk finished at 11:45am just in time for some members to lunch at booked restaurants.