Broulee Island and Bush

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Photos by Denise and Donna

Sixteen members enjoyed an 8.5 kilometre walk around Broulee Island, along beaches & through the nearby forests. This favourite hike always offers something to be enjoyed, be it sweeping coastal views, shore birds like the pied cormorants and reef heron seen on the island’s rocky platform or just browsing the remnants of shell grit mining from the 1920 s and the many multi coloured pebbles washed smooth by the Pacific Ocean.

The walk commenced at the renowned Canoe Tree, taking walkers through a bangalay sand forest , where Karen explained the varieties of trees that occur in such a habitat. Thence it was along the beach and around the island before returning via the same route.  In the forest walkers enjoyed the sight of two beautiful golden orb spiders in their webs, but the enthusiasm  of the encounter wasn’t shared by the spiders, who seemed a bit camera shy.

Thank you so much Betty for a pleasant morning walk.