Congo to Meringo Return

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Photos by Mary

14 Batemans Bay bushwalkers and a family of 4 visiting Alaskan musicians, who also hike as a hobby, gathered at the Congo starting point of a 7 kilometre circuit walk along a section of The Dreaming Track.

The day was predicted to be 33 degrees Celsius.  Fortunately for hikers, cloud cover and a cool coastal breeze kept temperatures a little more moderate.

There seemed little signs of the recent rains except for two muddy puddles at the start of the walk and the lake at the mouth of Meringo Creek was still well back in bushlands.

A mob of about a dozen kangaroos were spotted lazing beneath trees about half way along the first leg of the walk but, they proved shy when, the visitors tried to get close with their cameras. Sadly this was the only wildlife that we encountered during our hike as an echidna had been seen on the recce.

There were though, many opportunities for pictures of the coastline and ocean as the group paused to rehydrate. The significance and history of The Dreaming Track was explained to our visitors during one of these breaks. The walk finished at lunch time and it proved to be a very pleasant way to spend a morning.