Cullendulla Boardwalk

Saturday 21 November 2020

Photos courtesy of Gay

A couple of hours were spent walking in the Cullendulla and Surf Beach area today.  Nine walkers met at the temporary car park in Surfside and headed out to Surfside beach where surprisingly there were very few people around.  The highlight of the walk was the Cullendulla Boardwalk where the walkers tried to be quiet and still so that the crabs would come out but alas they were too smart for us and mostly stayed hidden.  It was hard to believe that when the leader, Jill, did the recce that the boardwalk was under water due to a king tide.

From the boardwalk the group headed into the back streets of Surfside and via a roundabout route found themselves at the Lincoln Resort on the highway before turning back towards the beach and discovering a little known track through a reserve and back to the cars.

Thank you Jill for leading this enjoyable morning walk.