Point Upright and Depot Beach

Thursday 26 November 2020

Photos courtesy of Tom, Amanda, Karen, Brian, Chris and Gay

What a perfect day to lead the last walk of 2020!  The sky was blue, the sea was a bright turquoise and yes, perhaps it was a little warm, but the walkers were treated to a lovely breeze at the top of Point Upright lookout and again down below as they walked back around the point along the rock platforms.

Due to the low tide being at 1p.m., the walkers left a little later than usual at 10a.m. from Depot Beach.  A nice steady uphill walk through the village up onto the Burrawang track to Point Upright brought out some beads of sweat, but it felt good to be out in the open, enjoying the regeneration of the forest.

The lookout at Point Upright is a good solid structure with wonderful views towards North and South Durras.  The group paused for a few photos then tackled the steep downhill track and steps to North Durras beach to find several swimmers enjoying the crystal clear water.

Time for a coffee break before the Walkers cut through some low scrub endeavouring to get as far along as possible around the Point before having to head down to the rocks.  The tide was still higher than expected and some wave sets coming in washing across the rocks meant we had to scramble over the rocks for some distance before we could venture down to the drier rock platforms.  Some members spotted some fossil mussels (Euridesma) on the rocks but a lot had their head down taking it very carefully as they wound their way over and through the rocks.

But what a treat once we reached the rock platforms. After a few jelly beans to boost our energy and with a nice seabreeze, the group took time to study the cliffs and rocks, lots of small pools and stress fractures filled with starfish and sea urchins, small fish and quite a few jellyfish.

The walkers meandered their way slowly back to Depot Beach enjoying the platforms and the views out to sea, with the waves crashing nearby.  Lunch was enjoyed in a large cliff cavern though some of us weren’t too sure about sitting under those imposing cliffs.

All in all a great day out!