Depot to Pebbly Beach (Long Version)

Saturday 12 October 2019

Photos by Karen and Helen

After rain the previous night and with the sun and clouds still deciding who would dominate the day, eight BBBW’s set out from Depot Beach carpark. The route was an 11 kilometre circuit to Pebbly Beach through forest tracks and service roads, returning via coastal rock platforms.

The first kilometre was a steady incline not steep enough to cease conversation or for that matter, observation, as the women in particular were soon pointing to budding wildflowers or small blooms pushing through wet ground and breathing deeply to inhale that “fresh bush” scent that so invigorates bushwalkers.

The track levelled and the pace quickened slightly, but hikers still managed to spy unusual fungi on the underside of several fallen trees and take photos. The birds sang their appreciation of dust free trees with glistening, white trunks and newly formed puddles that offered them a thirst quenching drink.

Clouds won out as the group approached Pebbly Beach and walkers paused to take out wet weather gear from their backpacks. Donna had purchased a purple poncho in Machu Picchu and its practicality was obvious as it soon had her water proof. Walkers took the opportunity to pause under a shelter, hoping that the tide would further recede whilst they took time for lunch.

Recent seas had been high and another delight on this varied walk, was the sound of rolling pebbles as the waves drew back causing a hissing noise. The group stopped and listened, enjoying this unusual phenomenon. Gentle rain was still falling as the cars came into sight at Depot Beach, but it had been a truly varied and interesting walk, not to be forgotten for some time.

A big thank you to Brian.