Durras Lake and Discovery Trail

Saturday 3 June 2017

We commenced our walk following the Discovery Trail with 16 walkers, heading towards Durras Lake.  The Lake was looking quite spectacular, with absolutely no wind it allowed a picture perfect mirror image to reflect the shore line.  This sight tempted many of our group to start clicking with their cameras, phones or anything they could use to take a snap of the scene.  We continued along the trail passing a number of interesting vegetation forms as well as the odd ground orchid or lily adding a spot of bright colour.

After a pleasant morning tea break beside the lake we continued on and stopped for a good look at the historic loggers tree.  An information platform, which allows an interesting insight into the past lives of the wood cutters, is located adjacent to the remnant tree. The walk also followed the path through an area that is reminiscent of tropical rain forest with cabbage tree palms and tree ferns.  Having recently rained, the area was looking brilliant.

After lunch, once again enjoyed lakeside sitting on various logs (one of which allowed an uninvited leech to try hitching a ride with our walk leader) we continued along the track back to the cars.  Everyone thanked Lesley for leading us through such a pretty and varying walk.