Little Forest Plateau

Thursday 29 November 2018

Photos by Ainslie, Donna, Joan and Mary

What a surprise it was for me to see far more flowers  now in summer than we have seen in spring. We only saw a few Xmas Bells which demanded attention with their bright red and yellow colours. There were masses of Teatree with large pink flowers, and along the tracksides clusters of Slender Yellow-Eye. It was one of three species not in our record of plants collected on Little Forest Plateau for the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens. The other two were Callicoma serratifolia or Black Wattler, tucked down in a gully among the rocks where we had our lunch while gazing out at the marvellous view of the Budawangs. Pigeonhouse and The Castle dominated the skyline.

The third previously uncollected species here was the Grasstree, which had tiny white flowers all up their tall spikes. After all the rain the previous day, we had to walk around numerous puddles on the sandy track, with one offering a clear view of frogs mating.

We had a sunny afternoon with wonderful  views, and enjoyed that of the whole coast from Pointer Gap Lookout.