Maloneys Beach Square Head Circuit

Thursday 30 June 2016

Photos by Donna

On a cold overcast day 7 bushwalkers scrambled around rocks of different shapes, sizes and colours just below the cliff line of Maloneys Beach. The recent heavy storm had taken away sand and revealed more protruding rocks than normal as well as household items including 2 outdoor chairs which had  stuck hard amongst them.

When we reached Long Beach we continued on the sand with Square Head Nature Reserve in sight.  A short climb from the beach up the hillside got us to the top of the reserve where we circled around looking down onto the Cullendulla Creek below us.  Meanwhile the weather had begun to get windy up top and we made sure we had plenty of warm clothes on to keep the cold chill away.

We spent some time walking around the reserve looking across to Batemans Bay and watching the yachts bobbing about in the water before heading back to Long Beach to walk along the clifftop which was above the rocks we had scrambled on earlier, and continued back to Maloneys Beach where we started.   The walk had taken us 11 kilometres from start to finish and we thanked our leader Donna for guiding us along the way.