Marilyn’s Pillar to Post

Thursday 20 October 2016

Photos by Mary and Ainslie

Val led 11 walkers on a pleasant hike off Marilyn’s Road near the Clyde River. The walk followed forest roads and offered great views of Pigeon House and the Castle as well as taking us along the Clyde River. The highlight for the nature lovers was a large goanna climbing a nearby tree 20m off the ground. Its colour blended so well with the tree’s bark it took some of us quite a while to spot it.

Bob T regaled us with the story of the reccie for this walk and getting stuck on the berm across the abandoned forest road, frustratingly only 20m from River Road. Fortunately, a local drove by and helped Bob out of this predicament but a number of us mentally noted to take two vehicles on Bob’s future reccies, just in case. Bob shrugged it all off as part of the experience and colour of bush walking.

The long climb (300m) back up to the cars subdued the chatter of this group and showed us that Val is still as tough as she always was when designing a medium walk – good to have her back inspiring us.