Pedro Point to Congo Creek & Pedro Swamp

Saturday 14 March 2020

Photos provided by Mary

10 walkers met in an optimistic mood that the weather forecast was going to be accurate and that the rain would rapidly pass through. By the time we arrived at the start, blue skies to the south and west were promising a fine morning.

Our walk of 9 kms took us through lightly forested, no tracked areas with patches of lime green grass to Pedro Beach where Bob pointed out various animal tracks in the dunes. Recent Emu and perhaps fox prints were identified and Ghost Crab holes. We took a brisk walk along the beach to the dunes where we enjoyed morning tea in the sunshine.

We made our way back through the scrub and forest to a good track and eventually to a very pretty open forest of Spotted gums where Bob had situated a large log, the site for lunch.

Bob, being a local of the South Head area, was able to tell us a great deal about our surroundings and the people living there. This local know how was the reason we were able to walk randomly in bush with little or no track to Pedro Beach and back through forest that was certainly new to most of the group.

Thank you Bob for having so much confidence in the varsity of the weather bureau, it was a very pleasant morning.