Sea Acres to Blue Gums, Long Beach

Saturday 1 September 2018

Photos by Erika, Karen & Carol

A sunny Saturday followed “freezing Friday” as 12 BBBWs set off to explore forest tracks and trails behind Long Beach.

There were quite a few modest hills in the 10 kilometre route but the scenery and flora provided a distraction that took our focus away from any physical effort required.  The group visually searched the heights of a tall Ironbark tree for signs of the flowering Ironbark orchid that Erika had spied during the reccie walk. The bloom was unfortunately spent but Erika had brought along a photo for us all to view.

Then we searched the forest for Blue Gums and discussed the differences between that species and the Spotted Gum.

The only complaint voiced was that Philip failed to provide a comfortable log for the group to use as seating during morning tea, otherwise it was an excellent Saturday morning walk.

Thank you very much, Philip & Erika.