Tuross Head Circuit

Thursday 21 February 2019

Photos by Carol, Erika and Mary

Denise led 20 hikers on a pleasant walking tour of Tuross Head. It was a great turnout for the first club walk of the season and the weather was kind to us – partly overcast and not too hot.

Being a Tuross native Denise knows all the public lanes between homes that allowed us to see most of Tuross without hiking on the roads. Our first stop was a history lesson, “Tuross House” – the first cottage built in the area by the Mylott family in 1870. Their daughter Eva became a famous opera singer and apparently is the grandmother of the actor Mel Gibson.

From there we hiked to Coila Lake and around to the beach with morning tea at Memorial Park. The hike then took us to One Tree Point and inland along the Tuross River inlet to the Tuross Boatshed picnic area. The walk ended with a stroll through the forested Chatham Park. With all the chatting going on as hikers caught up with each other after the Christmas break no one realized they had done 8.5kms. Well done Denise.