Mogo Monkey Rock

Sunday 1 July 2018

Photos by Mary

Betty Richards led 18 walkers on a ‘Betty Classic’ in the Mogo State Forest on a sunny warm first day of winter hike.

I say classic cause we all know Betty ensures her walks include bike tracks, fire trails and some forest roads. The walk took us into interesting hilly and gully terrain typical of the local granite geology.  One break site in a granite boulder area has been named ‘Monkey Rock’ due to the striking resemblance of the eroded granite rocks to a monkey’s face. We had to share the bike track at one point with a half dozen motor bike riders who very politely slowed down and waved as they went through. Bike riders maintain a number of the tracks we use for our walks and most agreed that the brief noise of their passing and impact on the environment was minimal. At the end of the 11km hike we all agreed it was a good workout for the legs and worth it for an interesting hike so close to home.