Mullendaree Creek South Arm

17 May 2017

Photos by Bob T, Philip and Mary T

Members understand that our leaders never deliberately mislead us about the walks they offer but sometimes ‘surprise’ walkers on the day. Today’s walk was one such occasion. Bob T led a walk along the Mullendaree Creek in the Mogo State Forest.

Bob had advertised it as a dry creek in unspectacular terrain with a grading of medium hard suggesting a good work out.  Bob, the grading was spot on, the rest a delightful surprise!

The Mullendaree Creek is flowing with a plentiful supply of crystal clear water, and deep water holes with numerous signs of yabbies inhabiting its banks.  The area is splendid with many impressive features.

A backdrop of ferns, fallen trees, vines and magnificent Spotted gums high light the moss covered boulders and rock platforms both in the creek and on the steep surrounding slopes. As on other recent walks fungi abounded in many beautiful colours and sizes reminding us that winter is not far away.

5 walkers enjoyed both morning tea and lunch on rocks near the creek bed. Cooler temperatures assisted the scramble over rocks and negotiation of steeper sections while the sun filtering through the trees provided just enough warmth to keep us comfortable.

A car shuffle is required to negate the need to walk too far back along the forest road. As we made our way up out of the creek to the car, a Lyrebird in full song mimicked an impressive repertoire of birdcalls serenading us and giving the impression that the forest abounded with many bird species. Sadly it was just out of reach and sight.

A great new walk for our club. Thank you Bob, a memorable day.

Stop press.  We took time out during the day for a short detour to investigate a side tributary with a view to a future exploratory walk. Keep your eye on the calendar for another walk in this area.

Mary T