Mummaga Lake and Brou Area

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Photos courtesy of Brian, Chris and Karen

Bushwalking is a great all year round activity, supporting both physical and mental exercise. And today, thirteen of us got our fair share of exercise, with plenty of mental stimulation (lots of talking!) and a feeling of wellbeing on completing the 13kms Mummaga Lake and Brou Area walk.

After the wet windy weather of the weekend, everyone was keen to get back on the trails and while some areas of the tracks and bush were soggy and larger bodies of water had to be detoured, it was surprisingly pretty dry under foot.

The first part of the walk followed the signposted Mummaga Lake walk from the Bodalla Park Rest Area off the Princes Highway.  While there is plenty of water in Mummaga Lake, it was pretty brown due to the recent run off from the heavy rains on the weekend.  Eventually the walkers diverted from the marked track and used fire trails and old indistinct bush tracks to head north to Brou Lake.  There were a few sprinkles of rain mid morning, but the group ignored it and continued on and were rewarded with rare views of the water in Brou Lake being very low.  General consensus was that the lake had opened to the sea.

The group followed Brou Lake around to the point where it had indeed opened to the sea and decided to take advantage of a lovely dry grassy spot overlooking the beach, for a well-earned lunch break.

The walk continued south, parallel to the beach, where some early wildflowers were spotted and two swamp wallabies.

The final few kilometres were back along the Brou Lake Road which for a weekday had quite a few vehicles using it, then on trails through the bush to the Bodalla Park Rest Area.

A good walk to get the body and mind active, while still easily able to observe social distancing rules.