Tuross Head Circuit

Thursday 3 November 2016

Photos by Karen M

Our walk commenced in Tuross heading along the ridge overlooking Tuross Lake, our first point of interest being a view across to Horse Island before heading further around to historic Tuross House built by the Mylott family (early settlers in the area) with the original heritage listed Norfolk Island Pine.    From here we meandered down to the edge of the golf course, a local high point with an excellent vista encompassing Coila Lake, Bingi Headland, North Plantation Beach & the ocean.

Continuing on, we walked the track that skirts Coila Lake, passing the estuarine wetlands that eventually returned us to the Boulevard footpath.  We followed the path along the coast passing the burial site of a humpback whale which washed ashore many years ago, then up to the Memorial Gardens and from there onto the beach until One Tree Point which has undergone a recent beautification and is much improved.  Happily a  whale was spotted frolicking & splashing (just for our entertainment).

After this we continued on the newly completed boardwalk & path back towards our start point but still managed to include some final points of interest such as views of Tuross river mouth and lake also the old Tuross Bakery Building.  As we passed all the many points of interest our walk leader Susan gave an interesting talk and insight into the history of each, thank you Susan, all your hard work & research was really appreciated!  At the completion of the walk, a number of walkers enjoyed a tasty feed of fish & chips for lunch at the old boat shed.